Play Pattern LLC is a consultancy that designs programs and products for schools, and organizations. Since 2009 we have guided the development of numerous projects and award winning programs include: educational television, Gaming, robotics, computer science, Design thinking and maker Education, We write curriculum, advise and implement strategies to make educational media and technology available to all. Our goal is to build communities of making and learning that make people creative and curious. We are bridging the opportunity gap in technology by preparing youth for technologies and systems of the future. Research and design are at the core of our approach. We are industry leaders and experts at capturing data, brainstorming new ideas, and driving projects forward.



Our Founder

Dr. Ronah Harris is a teacher and a maker. She was awarded Two Daytime Emmys for her work on the educational television shows Sesame Street and The Electric Company. She also helped write the first computer science curriculum for NYC public schools. Dr. Harris has lectured at Teachers College, Columbia University, published and consulted on topics including cognition, creativity, innovation, technology and design. Dr. Harris is the founder of Play Pattern LLC, an educational technology start-up. She lives in Princeton, NJ with her two children, and makes toys and Wearable Art in her Studio at odd hours.